Gamma Petroleum services

Gamma Petroleum Services


Gamma Petroleum Services

is a global company provide specialized services to oil and gas production and drilling contractors. The company was established with the objective of providing a comprehensive package of Oil Field NDT, Lifting, Tubular, BHA, pipe line, pressure line, storage tanks, calibration,

Rig inspection

GPS is providing the following kinds of inspection to Drilling / Work over Rigs and affiliates :(Onshore and Offshore)

Full package rig inspection (including CAT.4). To make full inspection to the rig parts / equipment's according to

Lifting Inspection

GAMMA is an official British Standard institute Member which gives us the ability to ensure all work carried out by our engineers is in full compliance with all BSI standards. Having also the privilege for giving our clients an account  of GAMMA to view all the latest standards

Explosion Proof

Inspection and maintenance of electrical installations within hazardous areas only, where the hazard may be caused by flammable gases, vapors, mists, dusts, fibers or flying. Movable equipment , Movable equipment and its connections

NDE Methods:


Some Uses of NDE Methods

  • Flaw Detection and Evaluation.
  • Leak Detection.
  • Location Determination.
  • Dimensional Measurements .
  • Structure and Microstructure Characterization.
  • Estimation of Mechanical and Physical Properties .
  • Stress (Strain) and Dynamic Response Measurements .
  • Material Sorting and Chemical Composition Determination .
  • NDT Methods :

    Six Most Common NDT Methods

  • Visual.
  • Liquid Penetrant
  • Magnetic.
  • Ultrasonic .
  • Eddy Current.
  • X-ray .
  • Visual Inspection

  • Most basic and common inspection method.
  • Tools include fiberscopes, bores copes, magnifying glasses and mirrors.
  • Portable video inspection unit with zoom allows inspection of large tanks and vessels, railroad tank cars, sewer lines.
  • Robotic crawlers permit observation in hazardous or tight areas, such as air ducts, reactors, pipelines.
  • Eddy Current.
  • X-ray .

    Magnetic Particle Inspection

    The part is magnetized. Finely milled iron particles coated with a dye pigment are then applied to the specimen. These particles are attracted to magnetic flux leakage fields and will cluster to form an indication directly over the discontinuity. This indication can be visually detected under proper lighting conditions.

    Magnetic Particle Crack Indications:


    The radiation used in radiography testing is a higher energy (shorter wavelength) version of the electromagnetic waves that we see as visible light. The radiation can come from an X-ray generator or a radioactive source.

    Film Radiography:

    Hiring lifting equipment is the solution for short-term period that could accomplish the demand of a Single item, Based on the client's needs for cost control.

  • The part is placed between the radiation source and a piece of film.
  • The part will stop some of the radiation. .
  • Thicker and more dense area will stop more of the radiation.
  • The film darkness (density) will vary with the amount of radiation reaching the film through the test object.