Gamma Petroleum services

Gamma Petroleum Services


Gamma Petroleum Services

is a global company provide specialized services to oil and gas production and drilling contractors. The company was established with the objective of providing a comprehensive package of Oil Field NDT, Lifting, Tubular, BHA, pipe line, pressure line, storage tanks, calibration,

Rig inspection

GPS is providing the following kinds of inspection to Drilling / Work over Rigs and affiliates :(Onshore and Offshore)

Full package rig inspection (including CAT.4). To make full inspection to the rig parts / equipment's according to

Lifting Inspection

GAMMA is an official British Standard institute Member which gives us the ability to ensure all work carried out by our engineers is in full compliance with all BSI standards. Having also the privilege for giving our clients an account  of GAMMA to view all the latest standards

Explosion Proof

Inspection and maintenance of electrical installations within hazardous areas only, where the hazard may be caused by flammable gases, vapors, mists, dusts, fibers or flying. Movable equipment , Movable equipment and its connections

water ( well drilling and desalination ) services


Water well Drilling Services:

The company makes the consulting , the studies , achieve and design the (desalination and drinking water treatments stations) for all needs and productivities and drill the water wells and supply the depth pumps and solar energy pumps .

Part of our company specialized in the field of water and environment and we have experience in this part , which includes a team of administrators, consultants and engineers the highest level of efficiency .

Department of water well drilling

  • (1) The Company drill water wells with depths up to 1500 meters .
  • (2) supply and install depth pumps and all its includes and needs
  • (3) Supply water pipes with all diameters (iron and plastic).
  • (4) supply and install solar power pumps.
  • Department of desalination and water treatment stations

  • Home water desalination to become drinkable (instead of mobilizing or buy stored water)
  • Desalination of sea water into drinking or agriculture or any other uses .
  • industrial Sewage refining to become ready for recycling and reused for industry to save water supply.
  • The RO feature that removes all dissolved salts in water, varying degrees up to 99% for some elements.
  • We make The desalination and water treatment station with newest systems according to international standards for desalination, which works by reverse osmosis and osmotic pressure which works on the separation of dissolved salts the water. With different productivity ( thousands of cubic meters of desalinated water) with ability to carry salts raw water salinity up to (50-000) TDS super salty elements ... to be safe to drink (120 TDS)

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